Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sweet Combination of Annyang JS WebRTC and Plivo APIs

What are we building?
            - A simple webpage which allows someone to call directly from browser without typing any key!

Tools/Resource needed: 

  1. Annyang JS
  2. An Endpoint/SIP URI(I chose Plivo)
  3. Django
  4. A Web Server
Time Required: 2 Hrs
  • If comfortable with basic python
  • If comfortable with basic django web framework. 
  • If comfortable playing around with HTTP REQUESTs, APIs
  • If comfortable with basic js
  • If comfortable with basic css
  • If comfortable with basic html
Why would I make it?
         - Its an idea dude! Its all upon you how you can use it.

Basic call flow?

  • Homepage
  • Click here for description:

  • Homepage#description:
  • Speaking "Call" will take you to call page:

  • Now say "Call Number <any regular phone number>"
    Eg: Call number 120xxxxxxxx.
    If the remote party gets the ring then:
  • Once the call is connected dialpad will popup with a smooth fade in:
  • After call completion:

Cheers to all!
Disclaimer: Numbers shown in the image are just for the purpose of demo. DO NOT CALL THOSE NUMBERS. I don't take responsibility for any hassles which you can face ;)